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friday five


If you couldn't tell from my post yesterday, my mind is pretty scattered these days ;) Today I'm jumping on the blogger bandwagon of "Friday 5" - here are 5 things on my brain as we head into the weekend... 1. Evicting baby We hit up Hu Hot this week in a desperate attempt to kickstart… Continue Reading →

bump thoughts

pregnancy maternity photos omaha nebraska

With my time being pregnant drawing to a close, I've had a lot of time to reflect on the past 9 months and the exciting changes ahead of us. Today I'm sharing some of my final "bump thoughts" along with a few of my maternity photos mixed in. If you don't want to read the ramblings [...]

busy mom skincare routine

I'm guessing I'm not going to be the first (or the last) mom to admit that my personal care routine has severely suffered since becoming a parent. At the end of a long day, my teeth get brushed, my contacts get taken out, and anything else is considered gravy. That is, until I met with [...]

honey roasted chocolate almond bark

This weekend I had the ultimate craving for something sweet and salty, but my motivation in the kitchen was at an all-time low (#pregnantproblems). Luckily inspiration struck, and I was able to whip up some delicious chocolate bark in no time flat! Blue Diamond sent me a package of their awesome honey flavored almonds to try [...]


Hello and HAPPY Monday! For those of you wondering, YES - I'm still pregnant ;) We have definitely had baby on the brain though! Just look at Jeff and Eleanor with their hands full... It was a dreary weekend here in Omaha. We had so much wind and rain that our driveway looked SNOW covered from [...]

bumpdate: 38 weeks

38 week pregnant baby belly

It's Friday! And hopefully my last "bumpdate!" I'm 38 weeks today with our little lady, and I'm feeling awesome! I honestly have no complaints except that I'm getting REALLY impatient to meet my baby. I would really love to give her hugs and kisses rather than carry her in my belly at this point ;) [...]

pea and pesto zucchini noodles

It's already time for our April edition of Three Cooks One Kitchen, and this month is probably one of my favorites! Erin has been raving about spiralizing zucchini noodles, so Hannah came up with this simple, fresh, and oh so tasty recipe! This green Pea and Pesto creation would have been perfect for St. Patty's [...]

earth day seedlings


This past weekend, Eleanor and I got a jumpstart on Earth Day and tested out our "green thumbs" with some little seed starters! Gardening with my parents are some of my favorite childhood memories (especially the eating part), so I was thrilled to start the same tradition with my little lady :) Together, High Mowing Seeds [...]

love to dream swaddles

Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby? In my professional opinion, I'd have to say "NO, absolutely not" ;) Eleanor has always been a pretty good sleeper. Of course she had frequent nighttime feedings as a newborn and went through the typical developmental sleep regressions, but overall, our little lady was happy to lay [...]

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