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Ok, a little more than one word today! We're back from our epic Texas vacation! I tried my best to unplug and really be in the moment and enjoy every minute of our trip - of course that unfortunately meant ignoring my little bloggy blog. We had a wonderful time and I can't wait to… Continue Reading →

5 best sippy cups

5 best sippy cups

As babies get older, many things change. Crawling leads to cruising. Babbles lead to first words. And bottles lead to cups. Over the past few months, Eleanor and I have been on the search for the perfect sippy cup. At our 9 month appointment, my pediatrician recommended having Eleanor off bottles by around 1 year, [...]

milwaukee weekend

milwaukee weekend

Ahhh - it feels good to be home! I'm currently ignoring a mountain of laundry and typing this post from bed while Eleanor naps. If you saw any of my many Instagram posts from the weekend, it was apparent that we were living it up in Milwaukee! I hadn't been back to Wisconsin since we moved in April [...]


Ok, this is more than one word, but my teething baby has become a beaver! By the time all her teeth are through, she's going to have gnawed through her crib! Poor babe :(  

indie run omaha

In-between 4th of July celebrating, Jeff and I found time on Saturday morning to run our second 10k race. I was hoping to improve my time from the corNfield corNfield, so I was excited that I had another opportunity to try again so soon! The Indie Run was organized by the Benson Ames Alliance and [...]

a fantastic fourth

fourth of july celebrations omaha

Hi and HAPPY Monday! After what feels like the looooooooongest weekend ever, it's going to be hard to get back into our weekly routine. We had a fantastic fourth and it will be sad to have Jeff back to work :( Sunscreen was the name of the game this weekend - we spent as much time outside [...]

4th of july caprese skewers

Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a fun holiday weekend planned. We got a head start on celebrating at Jeff's family's cabin yesterday afternoon - lots of food, fireworks and fun! Today we're hanging around home for some backyard fun in Eleanor's pool before heading over to our friends' home for a BBQ and fireworks. Say [...]

first birthday cake

Figuring out Eleanor's 1st birthday cake was one of the most challenging parts of party planning. Her MSPI issues seem to be resolving themselves, but we're still pretty conservative with what we feed her. Her digestive system is a bit touchy, so we continue to avoid soy and most grains. I searched high and low [...]